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We love hosting our guests and are passionate about ensuring that everyone is held in a safe nurturing space. Read some of our feedback from our previous guests below.

Ailsa C

This was my second 1:1 Holistic session with Karen and I think it’ll now be something I will do on a regular basis. I immediately felt Karen’s beautiful energy, I was safely held in her protected space, and left my day-to-day life worries at the door. I focussed on my intentions throughout and received wonderful insights on my first session (I’m currently sitting with, and integrating, my second) which helped me to act on drawing closure on a current situation, and left me with a sense of peace that had previously eluded me. I chose to include rapè in both my sessions, it was something I’d been served many times before, but the effects on doing it in this energy were much more profound, gifting me with a deep feeling of both calm and clarity. I’d highly recommend these sessions to everyone, we all deserve them.

Image by Manuel Cossio

Gemma, Clacks

First ever gong bath last night, didn't quite know what to expect and as someone who struggles to meditate, be calm and still, Karen created such a calming and relaxing space, the gongs were played beautifully and for the time there, I just 'was' . It was such an intense and powerful experience! Added bonus of a restful sleep and slept through the night for the first time in a long time!! Will definitely be booking in again!! Highly recommend.


Gary S I know why they call it 'A Sound Bath' - think of it that way. Waves of warming energies washing over you, a few calming words, footsteps on gravel... I did not catch all the noises as I became aware that I was lucid dreaming. I hadn't slept for more than a few hours in the approaching weeks and was sure a Sound Bath would not make any difference. However, it did, and it did so in the most amazing, welcoming way. It was as if the sound's limbs were outstretched, waiting for my pain. It embraced me. I felt so comfortable with it all. Then - Voila! It was over and I felt so well. I've suffered for so long and to have received such an enveloping embrace, somewhere deep in the cosmos... I have no words. An experience that outstretches itself far more than mere words could ever explain. Another world, deep within our own."


Susie, Kinross

I was fortunate to attend Karen's sound bath sessions. This was the most nurturing and relaxing experiences I have has. The room itself was beautifully presented, warm and cocoon like with candles, mattress and cosy blankets.
Karen is so genuinely welcoming and ensures you are settled and at ease.Karen's voice ia soft and soothing as she lead us through a beautiful guided meditation before she entered into the sound bath itself which was just glorious. I found it profoundly moving and emotional but equally a huge release which I greatly needed. You are held in a safe space of love.
I will absolutely be back and can highly recommend.

Marieclare, Glasgow

Have just been for an amazing Gong Bath with Karen Hopgood...having never had one before I was intrigued, and it didn't was deeply relaxing, and I will definitely be going back for more sessions

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